#WhatsTrending: The Hear and Now – Augmented Reality Listening

By Stephanie Liao, Corporate Communications, Mindshare NA

Do you wish you could attend concerts and turn down the volume of screaming crowds around you? Do you go to live sports games wishing you could hear the commentators giving player stats? For many, it can be frustrating to spend a lot of money on an event only to have the audio experience degraded by superfluous noise.

Listen up! “Here One” by Doppler Labs has created a solution. Teaming up with The New York Philharmonic, the Cleveland Cavaliers, MADE Fashion Week, and more, Doppler Labs has built an in-ear augmented reality hearing device that enhances the sounds of live events.

For example, as VentureBeat explains it, their layered listening feature can reduce the roaring crowds while selectively emphasizing those that you want to hear. Fans at a Cleveland Cavaliers game can stream stats over real-time sounds. Those attending the New York Philharmonic Orchestra can select individual musicians in the orchestra to hear specific instruments more predominantly over the rest.

Psychologists have found that using more of our senses increases engagement and memory of content. Technology, such as augmented reality listening, is the canvas for creating such multi-sensorial experiences. Through the Sensorialism trend we’ve been tracking at Mindshare, it’s evident that creating these augmented experiences can help marketers engage consumers in new ways.

While we’re most used to devices like Oculus that alter what we see, there’s an emerging niche opportunity for brands and companies to enter the augmented audio space. Whether we’re attending a fashion show, a music festival, or even meandering through an art museum, we’re all ears on how this new technology can improve our listening experiences for the better.

Image Source: Doppler Labs