#WhatsTrending: Bring Your Own Bordeaux

By Stephanie Liao, Corporate Communications, Mindshare NA

Wine drinkers might sometimes come off as stuffy or pompous to some, but the Bordeaux Wine Council is aiming to change that. Creating a series centered around Bordeaux wines, the online videos target millennials and Gen Xers to show them that Bordeaux is affordable, accessible, and of course, delicious. In each episode, the hostess of the show explores the best BYOB restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago in which to drink Bordeaux, pairing it with everything from high-end eats to takeout.

“This campaign speaks a language that’s understood by regular wine drinkers and shows that it doesn’t need a formal occasion and you don’t have to spend three digits. It’s a wine to have fun with. It also doesn’t need a steak—you can have it with a burger, or vegetarian food, or spicy food, or fried chicken,” (Adweek).

Does this type of marketing work? Consumers are no fools and largely understand the basic mechanics of marketing. However, with the explosion of new marketing tactics and the pressure to grab consumer attention in a fragmented media environment, marketing feels more like a game now than ever. Consumers generally feel less interested inads overall, which is why the native ad approach is becoming more popular both with brands and audiences.

Another example of the “Marketing as a Game” trend can be seen in the Starbucks content series called Upstanders, which highlights ten positive and inspiring stories nationwide without trying to promote the brand or its products. And, we actually found a lot of examples of this trend in the way people shop for things online.

As a brand, be aware that some consumers will understand how the marketing game works, and will either be put off by it, or play it to their advantage.