#WhatsTrending: Makeup That’s Made-Up

Forgot to wash your face before a Skype call? Didn’t have time to put on makeup before a FaceTime catch-up? Luckily, there’s a filter for that. Japanese makeup brand, Shiseido, has partnered with Microsoft and Skype for Business to create the app, Telebeauty. It turns out that people in Japan (and around the world) feel self-conscious about how they look, particularly when telecommuting for work.

Using facial recognition software to address those insecurities, Telebeauty offers a selection of virtual palettes that superimposes a “digital beauty balm that blurs pores, dark spots, and pimples.” Additionally, you can opt for a more made-up look with the option to add digital blush, lipstick, and eye makeup.

With the “ME-dia” trend we’ve been following at Mindshare, this type of technology comes as no surprise. These days, consumers care less about the stuff they own and more about how they appear online, with 47% of millennials reporting that what they post on social media is representative of who they are.

Brands and marketers have definitely been taking notice of this trend, using it to better engage and interact with consumers. Snapchat, for example, has led the way in using facial recognition software for their “Lenses,” which brands have used  to promote themselves, their products, or an event for 24 hours. And, a few days ago, Facebook Live launched its own version of digital facial filters called “Masks.”

This is a trend we’re not *making up*! To learn more about the “ME-dia” trend, check out our 2016 Trends Report.