#WhatsTrending: Shop On, Shop Off – How E-commerce is Changing Fashion

By Stephanie Liao, Corporate Communications, Mindshare NA

Shop on, shop off. The e-commerce apparel brand, Everlane, known for selling simple basics and its “Radical Transparency” mission, is going offline. Originally selling its products exclusively online, recently Everlane opened up its first brick-and-mortar store,  in San Francisco. It follows a recent trend from the last couple of years, where e-retailers such as Athleta, Birchbox, and Warby Parker have all launched physical locations.

Rent the Runway is another e-commerce platform that started online and has successfully transitioned to offline shops. Hopping on the trend of real-time shopping, they’re working to accommodate those who can’t physically make it to their stores, but want a better view of what they’re purchasing. Last month, they started using Snapchat to give customers a livestream look at its special occasion dresses and outfits, helping them find the right fit. With the customer’s dress size and height, a RTR team member of similar measurements is recruited to model the outfit, and a video or photo is sent to the customer via Snapchat’s direct messaging feature.

These brands illustrate of the shifting world of e-commerce, changing the way we think of shopping by melding the worlds of online and offline together in one fashion-forward statement. “Mobile technology has changed consumer behavior where convenience is no longer a differentiator but an expectation,” says Michael Berelian of Mindshare NA’s Shop+ team. “Being online is no longer enough.  Brands and retailers must speak to consumers where they are spending time. From Facebook to Snapchat, brands are finding innovative ways to speak to their consumers. That said, being there isn’t the solution. You must be there with a relevant message and at the relevant time.”

Another brand that’s giving its spin on stylish wear? Corona Light. In collaboration with another e-commerce outlet, Gilt Groupe, plus the artistic eyes of popular fashion bloggers, the beer brand is curating beer-drinking outfits that are meant to embody the “whimsical and fun” identity of the brand. This begs the question: what does one specifically wear when drinking beer?

Shopping is being revolutionized in many different ways, be it through adaptive pricing, virtual dressing rooms, and social-media-driven/ beer-inspired outfits. Trends in the way we purchase continue to change, sometimes faster than you trying on a new pair of pants.