Alejandro Iñárritu, Facebook, and More at Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions brings together the biggest names in media, marketing, tech, and entertainment. We know you can’t make it to every seminar, so Mindshare’s Jason Maggs, Associate Director, Invention Studio, and Patrick Lylo, Manager, Strategic Planning, have pulled together highlights and takeaways from some of their favorites. See their other recap with Anna Wintour, David Copperfield and more here.

Connect the World. Create for the World.

Facebook’s Chief Creative Officer, Mark D’Arcy, and Nunu Ntshingila, Director of Facebook’s Africa office, presented a seminar on the growth of digital connectivity worldwide. According to Ntshingila, we’re at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution—the revolution of global connectivity. Some of the stats she showed us:

  • There’s 3.2 billion people on the Internet. But that’s only half of the world.
  • In Africa, there are 1.2 billion people—but 800 million have yet to come online.
  • By Cannes next year, there’ll be another quarter of a billion people worldwide connected to the Internet.

As more and more people get online, global connectivity will disrupt and change so many aspects of our lives, including the way businesses operate and how we go to market for brands. D’Arcy stressed the importance for creative professionals to recognize great ideas no matter where they come from, and the need to build for value—not vanity. One of the biggest themes from the seminar is the importance of fostering collaboration over combat.

And as for Facebook itself? Perhaps the most telling statement was this: as D’Arcy put it, “Nothing at Facebook is somebody else’s problem.”

A Chat with Oscar-Winning Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu

Fun fact: prior to his Oscar-winning feature film career Alejandro Iñárritu (director of films such as Birdman, Biutiful, 21 Grams, and The Revenant), was a successful ad director. During that time, he won an impressive 14 Cannes Lions—including a titanium, and a Grand Prix. Iñárritu’s fireside chat with Ogilvy focused on storytelling and emphasized the importance of the core idea—something we saw in a number of other seminars this week.

He also talked about virtual reality as a world of possibility, though presenting numerous challenges to both storytellers creating for the platform, as well as the audiences engaging with the content. Perhaps most interesting of all was his thoughts on music. As he put it, “I think music is the most pure art form…the way it’s invisible, it’s intangible, it hits emotional chords. You don’t have to justify it; there’s no language, there’s no barriers.”

(Agree with Iñárritu? If so you should check out Mindshare’s Cannes Lions podcast interview with Spotify, where they talk about how emotion drives the playlists on their platform.)