Make It With Media: The Key Themes from Cannes Lions

Written by Devon MacDonald, Chief Strategy Officer, Mindshare Canada

Media is the space that exists between a brand and consumer.  To understand the development of that relationship, it’s interesting to look at the brands that are able to successfully link the feedback or interaction that they receive from a consumer and turn it into meaningful content for them. At Cannes Lions this year, there have been some interesting themes popping up in Media that tackle this from different perspectives. Here’s the crucial ones that you can see on the Media Lions shortlist:

Make it a Mission:  Consumers are always looking for ways – for  support – to meet their goals and achieve their dreams.  Brands, and agencies, are often prolific about collecting behaviour from their audiences, but using it to give consumers feedback and support is creating a new value proposition and exchange.  By setting goals, providing support, and pushing a consumer along their journey, brands are separating themselves from their competitors by developing a true relationship.

Make it Easier:  New tools and apps can be interesting (and often drive press), but can brands really drive  success l with one-off executions and applications?  Taking what is available to the consumer today and linking it back to the business at hand – that’s  often been blinded by complexity and bureaucracy.  But if you do it right, then even in regulated industries, brands that can leverage the existing tools that a consumer has to provide access for service and support will come out ahead.

Make it Fun: There’s a big opportunity to enhancing consumers’ real-life  experiences with interactive technologies – allowing people to sometimes play along, stay more engaged in the event, or even participate in it when they couldn’t before.  Brands that use technology to strengthen the emotional connection to the experience, without detracting from it, can provide simplicity and joy – sometimes without people even knowing it.

Ultimately, these types of exchanges of information and use of media within a consumer-based ecosystem allows brands to make new relationships with consumers, and close the gap to the brand. And that is most certainly worth celebrating at Cannes.