The 2020 Cannes Grand Prix Winner: Episode 2 of Beyond the Rosé

Did you miss episode one of Beyond the Rosé? Check it out here: Why Weather is Better Than Sex, featuring guests Adam Gerhart, CEO of Mindshare U.S., and Paul Walsh, Weather & Climate Strategist of The Weather Company. 

Why would agencies need an innovation officer? Shouldn’t everyone have an eye on changing technologies? Mindshare NA’s Bethany Mach, Executive Client Lead, sits down with Cary Tilds, Chief Innovation Officer at GroupM, to discuss her role and how the exponential changes in technology are impacting Cannes.

From virtual and augmented reality to artificial intelligence, Cary looks at what’s will fueling creativity at the festival this year, explores the shift from interactive ideas to experiential content, and predicts what a Grand-Prix-winning campaign will look like in 2020. Plus, hear about how her background has informed her career today – from making up her own college degree (the first indication of veering away from the norm to better suit her passions), to living abroad and more.