Beyond the Rosé: Mindshare@Cannes Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast series, Beyond the Rosé: Mindshare@Cannes. This six-episode series explores the main trends and takeaways from Cannes Lions – after today, we’ll have a new episode every day Monday-Friday next week.

First up: weather affects the choices we make every day – how we’ll commute to work, the clothes we’ll dress our kids in, and what we’ll do with our families on the weekend. Paul Walsh, Weather & Climate Strategist of The Weather Company, joins Adam Gerhart, CEO, Mindshare U.S. and Bethany Mach, Executive Director/Global Client Lead, Mindshare NA to talk about how businesses are learning to navigate weather forecasts and release targeted ads depending on what’s happening outside.

We also discuss the importance of using weather to maximize the effectiveness of seasonal products, how Cannes-goers can think creatively about weather data, and explain why weather is better than sex.