Mashable: Modern career paths in experiential marketing that are perfect for creative minds

In a new piece, Mashable looks at the evolution of experiential marketing, and the new career opportunities available within, from event management to 3D experiences to augmented reality and more. As part of the article, they spoke with Jeff Malmad, our head of Mobile and Life+. Check out the excerpt below.

Career path: Internet of Things, wearables and biometrics

Wearable tech has opened up a whole new world, not only for techies and fitness buffs, but also for brands.

Jeff Malmad, managing director and head of mobile and Life+ at Mindshare North America, has been involved with a number of experiential campaigns employing wearable technology and biometrics.

“Leveraging a partnership with a bioanalytics company, we’ve started looking at ways to use wearables and biometric data to enhance campaigns and events,” he explains, detailing a number of creative iterations of this approach.

One of Malmad’s recent success stories includes a program at Cannes Lions, which outfitted attendees with smartwatches and measured data points like heart rate and location. The data helped inform organizers on how to optimize attendance and engagement for the annual event.

Sports are another natural fit for such marketing campaigns— at present, Mindshare is working with the NCAA to incorporate biometrics into the fan experience — and thus careers that meld elements of fitness, sports and biometrics in a marketing capacity may be a perfect fit for professionals passionate about both fields.

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