Nightcap: Day Two

By Kristin Hogan, Associate Director, Mindshare NA

Alright, alright, alright – the skies have cleared and this weekend is heating up with another round of thought provoking sessions for SXSWi attendees. The second day continued to focus on all things tech – from AI to the IoT  – and how brands can leverage constant connectivity to engage with consumers in a meaningful way.

Today also kicked off the Accelerator Pitches, where innovative hopefuls pitch their ideas, product or service for their chance to make it big. In the Entertainment and Content session, eight startups made their pitches of applications and technologies across gaming, music, video, news and new media – ultimately reimagining how we learn, create, consume and relax. Below are the highlights from Mindshare experts:

The crowd and judges were wowed by Hearken, a Chicago based company vying to be the next-gen of content creation and curation. Hearken builds unique platforms on publication sites for users to submit ideas and questions about things they want to see or hear more of. The partnership Hearken forges between newsroom and readers throughout the reporting process has potential to greatly disrupt traditional newsrooms everywhere.

Clone.TV aims to be the future of TV production by replacing most of the crew with robots (they really are taking over!). The company goes to any event that would require live streaming and sets up robotic arms that use algorithms to mimic human movement and behavior, reducing the staff needed to film, produce and live stream an event.

Prynt is reimaging the way people share digital content in the physical world with the first-ever smart phone case that can print photos instantly. Oh, and by the way, the photos also contain embedded video – turning that device in your pocket into a portable video photo booth.

Tomorrow, the field will be narrowed and finalists will vie for the win. Overall, it will be interesting to see which of these startups take off in this fickle tech landscape. But in the end, while the victor will be excited to take home the trophy, the real winner is the future. The years ahead are bright as tech companies continue to emerge, challenge the norm and alter the way we create, consume and share content.