SXSWi: Wake Up Austin, Saturday March 12

By Alexandra Spaseff, Media Supervisor, Mindshare North America

Good morning, Austin!  Yesterday was full of anxiousness, excitement, robots, and rain, but as the sun rises over the horizon and peeks its way out of the clouds – we can officially say that we are ready for the energy and heat that today brings.  Rub your eyes, pop some Advil, and prepare for the madness of SXSW Interactive: Day 2!

Today we are focusing on culture, retail, and the way we communicate [i.e. emojis].  Make sure to get in line early and snag a great seat for the following:

Bringing Stories to Life for the Smaller Screen
Listen to how BuzzFeed, NBCUniversal, The Guardian, and NPR are experimenting with new ways to engage with users and bring stories to life for mobile.

WPP Stream
Stream SXSW will bring together brands, technology companies, agencies and media groups to meet, mingle and have a drink together away from hustle of the streets at Searsucker. [Note: this one actually requires advance registration online]

LEGO Group and Cartoon Network, Building Future Fans
Get an insider view of how these two companies built a multiplatform toy/digital/shorts property for kids, with new ways of telling stories to their shared audience.

The Linguistic Secrets Found in Billions of Emoji
Every day, we send almost six billion emoji from our smartphones. Understand what kinds of patterns we can see when looking at data trends of emoji use across different cultures and nationalities.

Once the days’ events are over, grab a few drinks at Buzzfeed’s HOT AF RN party at Bar 98 and the Party with Pandora at The Gatsby (708 E 6th St.).

Bottoms up!