eMarketer: Marketer's Roundtable - How Is Social Affecting Metrics for Video Advertising?

U.S. digital video ad spending continues to rise, boosted in part by placement on social platforms, which have ramped up efforts to increase use of in-stream video. A panel of agency executives spoke to eMarketer about this ramp up and answered the question: How is social affecting metrics for video advertising?

Here's what Mindshare's Jonathan Hsia, Managing Partner, Digital Investment Lead, had to say:

“Social platforms are some of the widest-ranging platforms in any media. If you look at some of these platforms, you can reach more people through them than virtually any other platform, even online or offline. The introduction of video there is really exciting because it presents an opportunity for us to get video ads—sight, sound and motion—to a lot more people, or at least to a lot of people in a short period of time.

Social platforms, in particular, are selling their medium in a little bit of a different way. Sometimes advertisers cannot necessarily expect the same level of accountability from those social platforms than they would in some other places. For example, some of the social platforms essentially want to charge the second the ad wants to play, whether or not the sound is on.

In many others, like television, that would never fly. I think there needs to be some reckoning there. But, the opportunity for people to stand behind a piece of video to put forth a piece of content rather than an ad is really exciting for those platforms.”

You can read the rest in eMarketer's roundtable here: http://mndsh.re/1I8mEN6