Mindshare Unplugged: Meet Allison Fillman

Welcome to the second edition of Mindshare Unplugged. Every month we spotlight and interview rising stars across Mindshare North America - people who exemplify our core values of Grit, Provocation, Speed, and Collaboration. Say hello to Allison Fillman, Associate Director of Planning in Atlanta, and find out what makes her tick.

About Allison: Allison leads the planning strategy for the U.S. Marine Corps. She joined Mindshare three and a half years ago. Prior to Mindshare Atlanta, she spent several years working in Media departments at full-service advertising agencies in New York. Work aside, she is a huge Florida Gators fan, loves to travel and reads a lot.

1) When the going gets tough, how do you handle it?

Timelines, process, and prioritization! Some may say that I am Type A ;) 

I used to be someone who wouldn’t leave the office until I’d crossed off the majority of my to-do list – and that led to a lot of late nights. But, over time I learned the art of prioritization.  You can’t control fire drills or last minute requests, so you have to put things into perspective and learn to breathe. It’s not always easy, but especially once you start managing others… you HAVE to.  In this fast-paced industry it’s important to learn how to develop processes, have realistic timelines (when possible), and prioritize tasks. It’ll keep you sane.

2) What inspired you to go into the advertising / media industry?

I always knew I wanted to work in marketing, advertising or some other communications-related profession.  It started in middle school when I joined the yearbook staff and was delegated the responsibility of selling advertising. No one wanted to do it (myself included), but I ended up being really great at it.  Going into high school, I continued on the yearbook staff and eventually became the Editor-in-Chief.

I attended the University of Florida (go Gators!) with the intention of attending the College of Journalism and majoring in magazine journalism. But after a few advertising classes, I changed direction and pursued advertising. As a junior and then senior, I explored different parts of the industry via internships: new business, sales, and media planning.  I loved media - it was a no brainer.  Following college graduation, I moved to New York and started my career as an Assistant Media Planner!

3) What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in marketing and media right now?

Working in our industry is always exciting - while the fundamentals of marketing may stay the same, we’re constantly thinking about new and improved ways to activate on behalf of our clients in an always-evolving environment. 

Right now I’m particularly excited by the evolution of content marketing, and how it enables us to provide a much less disruptive and more interesting experience to consumers. I think this year the industry will see significant growth here.

The key for advertisers is to partner with the best publishers on content that resonates with the audience – who they are and what they want. What’s more is that this particular trend has really evolved the definitions of media strategy and media planning. Today, creativity is a huge part of an effective media placement. Positioned at the intersection of technology, data, and the consumer, media agencies are becoming our clients’ key strategic partner…. which is a great thing for us!