Nieman Journalism Lab: The next stage in the battle for our attention - Our wrists

With the launch of the Apple Watch, the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard has published an in-depth report on what smartwatches and the new class of wearables mean for news publishers. How big is the wearable opportunity? What does a multi-device world look like for news? And how might a publisher make money on a smartwatch?

Visiting Nieman Fellow Jack Riley spoke with the biggest publishers in the business to answer those questions and more - developers and strategists from The New York Times, BuzzFeed, the Financial Times, the BBC, and others. He also interviewed experts outside the news industry, including Jeff Malmad, Managing Director, Head of Mobile and Life+ for Mindshare North America.

From a marketing POV, Malmad says, "We’re not talking about sending a 30-second video clip to a watch. We’re not talking about sending a banner to a watch. What we’re talking about is how we provide an additive experience to the consumer in a way that they’ve opted in for, or done in a way that’s not highly intrusive."

See more from Mindshare and the others in the full Nieman report: