Diesel ‘decodes’ digital in unique global programmatic campaign

Diesel’s latest ad campaign is decoding the fashion and advertising worlds, telling thing exactly how they are.

The programmatic campaign, which supports a global print and OOH campaign in major cities around the world, focuses on fashion, music, gender neutral and dating content. It features a dynamic creative production process that delivers 404 different tailored ads (design led by Creative Director Nicola Formichetti)in real-time based on the content and context of the page and playfully ‘decodes’ the content for the user with the messaging.

A world-first global deal between music recognition app Shazam and the brand sees ads commenting on the app functionality with messages such as: ‘I didn’t get it either’ for when the service fails to recognize the track and ‘I know please don’t judge me…’ for when the track is a ‘guilty pleasure.’

Even ‘re-targeting’ is decoded, with ads delivered using this technique asking “Got cookies?” and inviting the audience to experience the brand new Diesel site.

Tinder is also being ‘decoded’ in the U.S. in another first-ever campaign run by a fashion brand. Native video ads mimic the platform language and appear as Tinder profiles, prompting the user to swipe left or right, generating unexpected moments of entertainment.

Charlotte Day-Lewin, Partner Luxury & Fashion, Mindshare Worldwide said: “This campaign sees Diesel and Mindshare rewrite the rules of Programmatic, harnessing its intelligence and scale to deliver a sophisticated and very modern brand campaign.”

The programmatic campaign, Diesel’s largest ever, targets a new audience defined following a unique piece of research carried out across seven countries and 14,000 people by WPP agencies Mindshare and Lightspeed. It uncovered a new segment of ‘Smart Rebels’ for the brand that present the greatest opportunity, as opposed to the brand’s traditional target audience.