Mindshare Unplugged: Meet Mohamad Munruddin

Every month, Mindshare Unplugged spotlights and interview rising stars across Mindshare North America – people who exemplify our core values of Grit, Provocation, Speed, and Collaboration. Say hello to Mohamad Munruddin, an Associate Director in New York, and find out what makes him tick.

About Mohamad: Mohamad serves as an Associate Director on the Jaguar Land Rover team.  He joined Mindshare two and a half years ago. A true born and bred New Yorker (from the Bronx), prior to Mindshare, he spent several years working in Media at Starcom MediaVest, Digitas, and Dentsu. Work aside, he’s  a huge sports fan who enjoys being outdoors and seeing what the city has to offer.

1) What are the big do’s and don’ts for launching or optimizing a campaign with speed?

Whether a campaign is an urgent launch or something that’s months away, there needs to be clear, complete, open conversations with all the teams involved (creative, accounting, ad ops, etc.) to make sure that everything is in place for launch. Then once the work is live it’s imperative to monitor all tags every day during the first few  weeks to make sure that everything is truly in place  and tracking.

In general, live consistent monitoring and placement optimizations are key to any long-term brand initiatives. At the end of the day, what worked during one particular week or month may not work the next, and looking at data consistently to observe trends  helps  make optimizations in paid media and achieve campaign KPIs.

2) What inspired you to go into the advertising/media industry?

I actually got into the industry by chance – but   I fell in love with the work because of the impact of media on campaigns. It’s always exciting to hear from people who see and react to the programs that I’m working on.  The entire coordination of a campaign from audience research, media development (innovation), and execution is really exciting and keeps me in love with the industry.

3) Give us one big prediction for the advertising/media industry

Wearables are not going away. Similar to iPhone and Android technology, it’s the next step in overall life improvement. What I want to see is how wearables lead to the next iteration of that, and how do brands take advantage of it – it makes me really excited to see the work that our Life+ unit is doing There is going to be some big breakthroughs in that space and I want to see how it leads to the next evolution of technology and media.