Our New Chief Talent Officer: Lisa Dallenbach

We recently hired a new Chief Talent Officer at Mindshare North America: Lisa Dallenbach. A talented industry expert and a compassionate leader, we sat down with Lisa to find out what makes her tick, what inspired her to go into HR, and what she’s binge watching (hint: it’s actually pretty retro.)

1) Why Mindshare?

When you look at what brands and clients need, no agency is better positioned and designed to deliver than Mindshare. The ability to take deep amounts of data and science and map against a marketplace, consumer trend or need with the precision and speed that Mindshare can, makes us entirely unique versus our competitors.

The Mindshare team always says that “everything begins and ends in media,” because without the paid media piece, it’s hard to amplify a brand message. I agree with that – and believe that this place is best poised to lead the industry.

2) What’s your favorite part of leading Talent initiatives?

I actually have two. First, the opportunity to ensure that the talent market knows that they won’t find a better opportunity to learn and grow than with us at Mindshare. And once our amazing employees are here, ensuring that they have every chance to do just that.  It is incredibly inspiring to be part of a team that drives a workplace environment that brings out our individual and collective best…and allows us to have a lot of fun along the way.

The second part is being able to apply the same business strategies and thinking that we do for clients, to our talent and agency culture.  To achieve our agency goals, we need a culture that supports a dynamic and diverse talent group, and enables them to thrive and grow. The opportunity to shape that is incredibly inspiring.

3) What inspired you to get into this field?  That ability to affect change and drive positive momentum for individuals and teams. In my field, the brand that I am growing and nurturing is “us.” Our employees. Our agency. Our teams. Our culture. I’m someone who sees the possibility in anything,  and applying this approach to our teams and business situations is incredibly satisfying.

4) What was your last TV binge or download? Candid moment: we just ordered a pile of DVDs (yes, you read that right: DVDs) for our kids and family movie night. We are now a family addicted to Charlie’s AngelsEmergencyHawaii Five-O, and The Love Boat. Family movie night has gone retro. (My husband and I are more up to date in our TV viewing.  But only slightly.)