How To Game E-Commerce: Mindshare North America Explores The New Normal For Online Shopping

From Faking Your Birthday to Using Frequent Flyer Mile Consultants, New Research on Consumer Shopping Habits

What would you do to get a great deal online? Turns out that it’s quite a lot, especially if you’re a millennial. We’ve released new research on the different methods consumers use to get discounts through e-commerce, as well as their credit card habits. The research was led by Shop+ (our dedicated retail unit) using The Pool (our proprietary research tool).

“Every day, consumers are growing savvier and savvier in their online shopping habits,” says Joe Migliozzi, Managing Director, NY Office Digital and Shop+ Lead, Mindshare North America. “That’s not necessarily a bad thing for retailers—it’s a different kind of engagement. But brands do need to understand this shift in behavior, and adapt their marketing plans in creative ways.”

Check out some of our favorite stats in the infographic below, and then keep reading on Scribd to see the full results – and how millennials compare to the total adult base.

How to Game E-Commerce by Mindshare North America