MediaPost: Digital’s 3rd Wave: ‘Adaptive Mobility’

by Joe Mandese

That’s what Mobile Insider Summit opening keynoter Jeff Malmad said Madison Avenue is entering now.

Malmad, who is managing director and head of mobile and life+ at Mindshare North America, said the first wave was conventional Web publishing. The second wave was optimizing for mobile Web and mobile apps. This new adaptive mobility wave, he said leverages data from “search, social, video, content and context and really target individuals based on that moment.”

He said mobile is the “pipeline,” but that it is all those data then enable brands and agencies to “target consumers in unique ways.”

He said there are three core elements to adaptive mobility, which he described as “location, sensors and context.”

Location may seem obvious, he said, especially since 50% of mobile traffic happens in the home, where it may be appropriate to communicate brand offers to a consumer. Doing that when they’re traveling outside the home, may be more of a judgement call, he implied.

Sensors are technologies that enable a brand to understand where and when a consumer actually is. He said “wearables” are becoming a key part of that sensor framework, and described a user’s smartphone as “Batman” and their smartwatch as “Robin.”

“Together, they are the dynamic duo: Batman and Robin,” he quipped.

Context, Malmad, concluded is communicating the right message at the right time to the right consumer. Easier said than done, but with the right adaptive mobility strategy, at least the data and technology are there.

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