eMarketer: Cross-Platform Attribution 2015 – Device Identification, Big Data Pose Continued Challenges

As marketers engage consumers across a myriad of media channels, devices and platforms, there is increasing urgency to understand and attribute the effect of each interaction. In a new report, eMarketer explores the current state of cross-platform attribution, and highlights some of the continued obstacles impeding a truly holistic view.

Read the full report here, featuring insights from Cindy Gustafson, Managing Director of the Invention Studio for Mindshare North America.

And, to hear more from Cindy about data and attribution, check out her one-on-one Q&A with eMarketer. She talks about the trends she’s seeing, how mobile fits in, client expectations, and The LOOP – Mindshare’s adaptive marketing engine.

“Everyone realizes that the goal is to move further and further away from the kind of less accurate attribution metrics like last click or last view. But what we’re also seeing is that even as people are cracking the nut of how to track holistically across devices, they are concerned about making sure there’s a process on the back end to make sense of all that data quickly and reinvest it back into action. That’s a big differentiator and critical to where attribution modeling is going.” – Gustafson