What's Trending: Hashtagging the Wedding

By Alexis Fragale, Consumer Insights


The bells are ringing as the wedding decade is finally upon Millennials. And in typical fashion, they’re transforming weddings into digital and social experiences.

In doing so, new wedding norms are being created and unique etiquettes are emerging in response. Take the wedding hashtag, a rising trend with couples as 55% used a personalized hashtag during their wedding while another 10% of couples wished they did. On the other hand, the etiquette of guests sharing snapshots in real time can be a touchy subject for couples, with 31% of couples asking guests not to post pics on social media.

The launch of Pinterest forever changed wedding planning and 70% pinned prior to the engagement. However, once engaged, the budget realization kicked in and they 51% “became more realistic with their pins.” A girl can dream.

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Posted on July 28, 2014 .