#WhatsTrending: Shared Mortgages


By Aimee Goldfarb, Consumer Insights + Joe Maceda, Invention Studio  

Social norms used to dictate traditional families are on the decline and we’re seeing new models for households emerging. One case is the formation of multi-family households who share everything, including a 30-year mortgage (think multi-generation households but with two families of friends).

The financial and practical advantages are evident, from sharing the monetary burden to taking care of the babies and splitting up chores. Another advantage of co-housing is “curbing feelings of isolation.” As social animals, we need others during important moments and during times of struggle, and in this multi-family household we have the opportunity to gain more support.

If you’re marketing to families, keep one eye on the future of household structures as its progressively growing. 

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Posted on July 22, 2014 .