#WhatTrending: Netflix Taggers

Netflix Taggers

Netflix Taggers

By Aimee Goldfarb, Consumer Insights & Joe Maceda, Invention Studio

Netflix, famously known for using a complex algorithm in order to provide their consumers with hyper-niche suggestions of what to watch,  have employed human ‘taggers’ to binge watch TV in order to perfect those suggestions. Proving that humans can’t be replaced entirely, Greg Harty, Netflix tagger, explains “For comedy it’s about comedic intent rather than if you thought it was funny or not laugh or not. My job right now is to get you all those horrible movies you want."

Little is known about the positions and a non-disclosure agreement bars Netflix taggers from disclosing their salary. And while taggers are given assignments at random, there are some specialists in certain genres.

In a world consumed with 'big data', Netflix reminds us that some human truths need to come directly from humans. 

Your dream job awaits…

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Posted on July 21, 2014 .