CANNES LIONS LIVE: Mindshare and Buzzfeed: How Brands Can Succesfully Ride The Zeitgeist

The zeitgeist; viral; plain old 'cool'. Call it what you like, but for brands, finding a way to connect with consumers around global 'moments' means global success.

However, it has always been unpredictable, until now. Now we are beginning to plan zeitgeist; to scale viral and to invest in driving 'cool'.

In this session the audience hears how adaptive brands can identify the moment, create the content, optimise their efforts and invest to drive success in a modern digital eco-system of continuing feedback loops fed by data -- all the while remaining within a heartbeat of the cultural zeitgeist. What are the impacts for the creative department in this brave new world? And how does it change our view of 'creative'?

Posted on June 1, 2014 .