Greg Manago Speaks at Advertising Week

  • Times Center Hall 242 W 41st St New York, NY, 10036 United States

Multi-Channel Networks and the Impact on the New Media Landscape

Media companies are in a race to engage and entertain younger audiences on digital platforms and to accelerate content and business innovation. With access to data from thousands of online video channels, Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) may possess the digital tools and processes to generate insights that can help content creators develop and build audiences. We will hear from an MCN on the evolving impact of digital video market on the media landscape.

Traditional media companies need to augment their own content development capabilities in order to produce content for younger audiences and drive greater innovation. Large MCNs can provide these companies access to the talent, ideas, and storytelling angles that allow content innovation for Millennials at scale. Advertisers are following video viewers to digital platforms. According to eMarketer, 75% of media buyers are likely or very likely to shift advertising dollars from TV to digital video. Executives from digital video space will shed light on the opportunities and challenges facing traditional and evolving business models.

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