The Mirren Summit on Media Innovation

Media Agency Panel: Getting on Our Radar, Getting in the Door

This panel of media agency directors will share best practices on what it takes to get in the door. As you would imagine, they are bombarded by ad sales emails, phone calls, and other outreach. However, why is it that some break through, while others don’t? What is it that some do differently that ultimately gets them face-to-face with these key decision-makers? Expect a discussion that ultimately provides new ideas on how to optimize your sales strategy.


  • Tim Scholler, Managing Director, Communications Planning, Mindshare
  • Sean Tate, Planning Director, Omnicom Media Group,
  • Greg James, Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Havas Media
  • Aniko Keresztes, Director, Starcom
  • Brad Bernard, Vice President, Digital Strategy & Innovation, Harmelin Media

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September 1