MediaPost’s Brand Marketers Summit | Speaker: Mike McLaughlin

  • The Resort at Squaw Creek 400 Squaw Creek Road Olympic Valley, CA, 96146 United States

Panel: Silo-Busting 101: Building The Cross-Channel Organization

It takes a village to plan and execute effective interactions with the fragmented consumer across her purchasing journey. And yet genuine cross-channel marketing is at odds with even the smallest organizations and their fiefdoms. We ask our panel of marketers how they are at least starting to dissolve internal discord around budgets, KPIs, goals, or just inertia and tradition. Shared incentives, goal-setting, collaboration, communication, targeting, responsibility all become critical but frustrating to achieve. Where do you start?

Ben Gaddis, Chief Innovation Officer, T3

- Mike McLaughlin, Managing Director, Digital, West Coast, Mindshare NA
- Allison Ritt, Sr. Mgr, Email Marketing, Discover
- Ethelbert Williams, CMO, Instanatural

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