Don't Settle for the Same Old Data | Speaker: Mebrulin Francisco

Mebrulin Francisco, Director of Multicultural Marketing Analytics, GroupM and Lindsay Stewart, Director of Sales, East Region at MaxPoint, will challenge key multicultural marketing conventional wisdoms at Portada's upcoming webinar.

A major practitioner in applying modern data science to multicultural marketing, GroupM's Mebrulin Francisco will challenge some established views on the "Total Market" approach and explain why the concept does not really work from a data marketing perspective. Other questions that Francisco will also delve in:

  • What is the difference between "Big Data" and small data? Why is the difference important for efficient marketing?
  • The way brands and agencies targeting multicultural consumers should approach the huge Big Data opportunity.

Maxpoint's Stewart and Francisco will have a conversation on other key topics, including the below:

  • How offline data from more than 440,000 micro-neighborhoods can significantly enhance digital marketing efforts.
  • How marketers including CPGs, Telcos, and Retailers should use real-time results to adapt their offering and marketing plans.
  • How real-time marketing will engage the long-tail consumer.

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