Advertising Week | OMMA Attribution | Presenter: George Musi

  • Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street New York, NY, 10011 United States

Long before John Wannamaker famously quipped that half his ad spend is wasted, marketers have been struggling to solve his dilemma:  to identify “which 50%?” The dark art of attribution, of deciding which ad exposures where and when drive results, has undergone its own disruption of late. Traditional econometric and marketing mix modeling now meet digital approaches that leverage user-level data and path analysis to get a more granular view of the conversion process.

At OMMA inaugural Attribution event, they'll explore how marketers are just beginning to bring the pieces together. It is not only a matter of how to measure but deciding what to measure. How can top down or bottom up approaches complement one another in future modeling? What does the industry know about the digital and TV dynamic?  How can agencies and brands distinguish among the solutions now on offer? What will it take to move the industry towards total attribution solutions that account for all communications efforts on and offline? 

Speakers include Mindshare's George Musi, Managing Partner, Analytics, Insights and Attribution.

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