MediaPost' IoT: Shopping | Panelist: Kristine Munsen

  • The Radisson Martinique 49 W 32nd St New York, NY, 10001 United States

Panel: So Many Ways to mPay, What Drives the New Loyalty?

Most retailers can’t tell if the customer walking through the door is their best and most loyal customer or a first time shopper. In many cases, loyalty can only be measured at checkout, when the customer self-identifies, at the very last stage of the purchase cycle. The turning point in mobile payments could revolve around customer loyalty. There is Apple Pay and Android Pay. And then there are the 85% of U.S. consumers who still pay by cash or credit card, and that’s the big potential for mobile payments conversion. The new value proposition revolves around loyalty, integrated deals and benefits intimately intertwined with mobile payments.

Moderator: Chris Haines, Director of Strategy, Fluid

- Kristine Munsen, Senior Partner, Managing Director, Mindshare
- Patricia Partelow, Vice President, American Express
- Rachel Pasqua, Senior Partner, Mobility North America, MEC North America
- Ben Gaddis, Chief Innovation Officer, T3 (The Think Tank)

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