OMMA Programmatic Display | Panelist: Mark Potts

Last Click RIP?: Show Us Your Attribution Model

Talk about a holy grail! All of the advanced segmentation and targeting on earth get planners nowhere without understanding their impact and value. And yet two decades into digital advertising, click rates and last-click analysis still reign. Attribution remains as important as it is elusive. And so we bring together a small team of experts to explain how their models are changing in a truly cross-channel environment. Let’s talk cases and how planners are making use of the tools at hand, evaluating different models, and customizing them to campaign goals.

Moderator: Jen Brady, CEO, FRED & Associates


- Mark Potts, Head of Insights, Mindshare North America
- Jen Anderson, Director of Marketing Sciences, Possible
- Corina Constantin, VP, Director, Research & Analytics, PHD
- Jason Heller, Global Lead, Digital Marketing Operations , McKinsey

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