VideoInk Event | Panelist: Jonathan Hsia

  • Hayden 5 Media 22 W 27th St New York, NY, 10001 United States

What Digital Studios (Buyers) Are Looking For

With an increasing number of digital studios, distributors, and platforms active in the entertainment industry, writers and directors have a lot more opportunities to pitch and sell their ideas. But even with a greater number of options, these buyers are still often looking for specific types of content. What exactly are they looking for? Are particular genres or formats more popular right now than others on digital? How about TV -- is it different from what TV networks and buyers are looking for? Are formats that can potentially "crossover" from online to TV, or extend from TV to the web, valued more than others?

Join VideoInk and HollyShorts, and a panel of influential executives in digital video space, to explore the needs of those willing to buy and fund original content, from web series to TV series and feature-length films.


- Jonathan Hsia, Managing Partner, Digital Investment Lead, Mindshare North America
- Frank Besteiro, Head of Biz Dev & Partnerships, Video, AOL

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