Greg Manago Speaks at VideoInk Viewpoints

  • Magnet Media, Inc 122 W 27th St New York, NY, 10001 United States

This month on VIViewpoints, we're discussing mobile video & Vine and what you need to know about the heandheld screen! 

Some would argue that mobile video is the next frontier for the entertainment industry. Others will caution that, at best, it will be an admittedly large piece of the overall pie.

What does the mobile video landscape look like right now? For creators, for digital and traditional networks, for advertisers? What is the audience like? Are there effective ways to monetize this content, or are we still in the beginning stages of figuring that out? How do mobile-centric social platforms such as Vine and Instagram fit into all of this? How does YouTube? This panel will answer these important questions, so you’re no longer fretting about mobile video while at work or on the go.

In addition to talks with industry insiders, there will be screenings of two independent projects of varying lengths and formats.

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