Marketing: Tech Trends to Emerge from CES

An extraordinary 20,000 new products were announced at CES in Las Vegas this year. Some of these will be in your world soon and some will likely never make it out of the exhibition hall. But the industry shouldn’t be looking at CES to find shiny objects, but rather to find underlying technological currents that will shape customer behaviour.

While I wandered the show floor, I tried to keep my eyes open for what would survive – the trends that will manifest in the real world. Here’s what I saw. -- Jake Norman, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Mindshare Canada

Photo Courtesy of CES Photo Gallery

Posted on January 16, 2015 .

The Future-Proof Future Has Arrived

Thinner, faster, brighter, smarter, autonomous and over the top. Who could ask for more? CES delivered, as we expected, significant advances in screens, chips and the application of artificial and networked intelligence to our devices, appliances, automobiles and homes. It also delivered the strongest signals so far that the unbundling of media distribution was at a tipping point.

Posted on January 16, 2015 .

POV: CES Best In Show

If you thought the Internet of Things (IoT) was just about watches, fitness devices, and the odd fridge and washing machine, think again. Nearly every single device on show was a connected device, whether a car, phone, TV, home security system, clothing, robot, drone or pretty much anything else you can dream up. There is of course a need for standardisation as things go forward. Put simply, my LG washing machine should be able to talk to my Samsung dryer. The key question is, whether there is a need for regulation, or at least a meeting of minds amongst the competitions ecosystems (Apple, Google, Microsoft et al)? 

Posted on January 12, 2015 .