Get Involved: Become Part of the Story at Cannes

Update: Now it's even easier - to get involved, just download the Lightwave Pulse app from the App Store:

We gave away 35 free Apple Watches today in preparation for Thursday's Cannes Lions seminar. But even if you didn't get one, you can still help us define the Pulse of Cannes: join Mindshare and Lightwave to discover the true potential of biometric data, and how it can transform both your creative and adaptive marketing strategies.

Want to become part of the story? Follow these steps and your biometric data will help fuel the pulse of Cannes:

1) Register on
2) Wait for an email from iTunes that invites you to download the Lightwave Pulse app. Make sure to check your spam filter! 
3) Once you get that email, it’ll ask you to download TestFlight from the App Store – that will then allow you to install Lightwave Pulse.
4) Once you’ve installed Lightwave Pulse, you’ll see the app appear on your phone. Fill in your essential info and get started!

Mindshare and Lightwave will then analyze the results over the next few days. And then on Thursday, our seminar will take you on a unique audio/visual journey powered the human data contributed by Cannes attendees – with the help of a special guest DJ. Come uncover the potential of these new data streams and technology – 4:20pm at the Inspiration Stage.