Adweek: Mindshare Unveils Biometric Data of Cannes Attendees Outfitted With Apple Watches for 3 Days

Adweek recaps our seminar at Cannes Lions, and the insights we gleamed with Lightwave from our biometric data project. Over 100 Cannes Lions attendees participated in the program, contributing to 20 million data points across heart rate, location, movement, and much more. See the results here.

Get Involved: Become Part of the Story at Cannes

We gave away 35 free Apple Watches today in preparation for Thursday's  Cannes Lions session. But even if you didn't get one, you can still help us define the pulse of Cannes. Your biometric data could become part of the story - just download the Lightwave Pulse app here:

Culture Vulture Live: Simplifying Your Daily Life

This week, on Mindshare's Culture Vulture Live: Your smartphone addiction could actually help improve your life. Jeff Malmad explores the growing consumer trend of outsourcing control to tech, along with our upcoming seminar at Cannes Lions.

Beet.TV: Mindshare’s Malmad on Emerging Media Opportunities in Wearables

Be prepared for wearables to take on a bigger role in the advertising business and with consumers. That’s why agencies such as Mindshare are devoting significant resources to this emerging market. Check out Beet.TV's interview with Jeff Malmad, with more info about our upcoming Cannes Lions session with Lightwave.

Adweek: How Brands Can Use Biometric Data in Ways That Go Far Beyond Fitness

Exercise has been the most natural area for branded applications of biometric data. But now, Mindshare and Lightwave are joining forces to show marketers a world of possibility beyond that—in a partnership that kicks off this month with a group experiment at the Cannes Lions festival.