SXSW Round-Up: Three Key Themes from the Past Week

Background: SXSW Interactive is far from your ordinary marketing conference; it is perhaps the only event out there that examines the impact of technology on...

Ad Age: Three Takeaways (And a Tip) from SXSW

Ad Age looks back at SXSW this week, with a look at Elon Musk and the ethics of artificial intelligence, accountability for tech leaders,...

Your SXSW Rap Video, Courtesy of Mig Mora

Or as Ad Age put it in their SXSW live blog, SXSW InterRAPtive. Check out the video from Miguel Mora, Associate Director, Invention Studio, Mindshare North...

The United Nations of Innovation: Reviewing the SXSW Trade Show

I was told that everything is bigger in Texas, and let me tell you, the SXSW Trade Show was no exception. Walking into the...

Fly By From South By, Part 3

Mig Mora, Associate Director of Mindshare's Invention Studio, chatted with Reddit CEO Steve Huffman above the evolution of online conversation, his ideal SXSW panel...

How close are we to reaching Westworld?

Truthfully, while at SXSW, I was expecting to hear about advances in robots and artificial intelligence that could drive our world much closer to...
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